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Creativision MKII differences

Creativision MKII Here is the motherboard of a Dick Smith Wizzard aka Creativision.
Creativision MKII And here is the Motherboard of the Creativision MKII.
Creativision MKII The main changes in the newer motherboard (except streamlining it and removing the metalshielding) is that now the CPU (6502A) is mounted upside-down on a little daughterboard together with two logicchips (74LS245 and 74LS367).

As i understand this: These two chips (bus buffer and tranceiver) allow the Creativision to use the (very rare) Colecovision expansion. That way the 6502 and the Z80 (in the expansion) are able to "share" the videochip and the 16kb ram.

Creativision MKII

Autor: Thomas Gutmeier