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Coleco Adam repair...

Here is my attempt to repair an Coleco Adam 
My Colecovision Expansion Pack #3 (Coleco Adam) had the following fault!

The tape was very fast wound to the end and then there was a clicking Noise

The rubber on the wheel, that turnes the Indexwheel was completely gone ...

So i dismantled the Datadrive and pulled out the little Indexwheel.

the Indexdisk is very sensitive so i was really carefull, i used a cotton-ear-stick to clean it.

I measured the diameter of the metalwheel and it was exactly 10mm the Should be outer-diameter with the rubber attached should be 3/8 Zoll i calculated about 13mm.

So i went to the local hardwarestore "Bauhaus" and in the Gas/Water Plumbing Installation area i found a "Quetschverbinder" made of rubber with exactly the right dimensions 10x13x4mm. 2 Pieces for 0,7 Euro.

I attached the rubber to the wheel put the drive together and voila!

Buck Rogers was loading!

Autor: Thomas Gutmeier